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Humble Indie Bundle 19 – Mid Promo Games

I’m a little bit late in writing this up, but 2 more games have been listed under the “Pay more than the average” tier for the Humble Indie Bundle 19 as part of the Mid Promo Unlock.

If you already had the Humble Indie Bundle 19, just head on back over to the Humble Bundle website, and under the “Purchases” section, click on the Humble Indie Bundle 19, and the new games should be there and ready to redeem! (As long as you originally bought the Average tier or higher, anyway.)

If you didn’t have the bundle already, click this link to be taken to the page to have a look at it, and decide from there whether or not you’d like it!

Without further ado, let’s get into it, the 2 new games are as follows:

  • Action Henk

Common theme for this bundle, I haven’t heard of either of these 2 games, but looking at the preview pictures for both of them, they look really interesting, so I may have to look into these eventually.

Here are my thoughts on both of these games based on the trailers provided by Humble Bundle:

  • So at a first glance, Action Henk looks like a platforming-racing game, set in some toy-filled environments, with a very nice looking level editor to add onto it. Developed by RageSquid, the game is described to have over 70 tracks in many different settings, with 5 playable characters, dedicated grappling hook levels and a whole host of medals to beat (Which I’m assuming are the game’s version of achievements). Being a bit of a racing game fan myself, and also a platformer fan at that, I may give this one a bit of a go, and see how it looks.
  • JYDGE from the get-go looking at it’s trailer has a lot of customization, and also a gameplay style that reminds me a lot of MONACO, with the top-down building exploring and how the shooting works. The game features local co-op (Not a common sight nowadays, sadly), a customization/augmentation system for your JYDGE (Of which you get to build your own), and the ability to take on each mission however you see fit: you can stealth, you can leeroy-jenkins, whatever you feel like doing. This one actually looks like a lot of fun, so I’ll definitely be giving this one a go for sure.

That does it for these Mid Promo Games from the Humble Indie Bundle 19, if you haven’t got the bundle already, click this link to go to the page to have a look at it now!

I’ll see you all when the next Humble Games Bundle comes out! Take care until then!


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