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Spyro: Reignited – Confirmed and Release Date Announced

After a few months of some leaks and announcements that a possible Spyro the Dragon PS1 trilogy remaster was in the works, things got heated on the internet yesterday as a leak came out, revealing the title of the remaster trilogy, Spyro: Reignited, a release date of September 21st for both PS4 and Xbox One and a bundle of screenshots to go with it!

A lot of the internet was still sceptical about this leak, as no real ‘official’ confirmation had come out in regards to this leak, but this morning, the scepticism was silenced as a trailer was dropped, confirming the leak as true to the word, and also matching the screenshots in the trailer!

Check out the trailer below!

Let me tell you now, this remaster from the initial look at it, looks super pretty, taking the original dragon’s adventures and pumping it up to full HD. Spyro and the levels he roams around in look 1-to-1 as they did in the original games, just with a new coat of paint that really makes it stand out! Not to say that the original games didn’t stand out, but hoo boy, you gotta admit it’s refreshing to see it super pretty now, like how it was done with the Crash Bandicoot trilogy remaster.

Now, the trailer only says a September 2018 release date, however the Spyro the Dragon Twitter attached the September 21st release date to their posting of the trailer, so mark those calendars everyone!


I have to say, I was kind of surprised seeing the fact that it’s coming to both PS4 and Xbox One at the same time on release day, seeing as the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy was PS4 exclusive for a while, I thought it would’ve been the same case for this, but no, Xbox One on release as well, which I honestly think is a good move myself.

Now, you can bet I’ll be picking this one up, as soon as I can, I’m dropping in to my local EB Games to place a pre-order, because hoo boy, I played a lot of Spyro during my childhood, and even in the recent years, I’ve replayed the first and third games so many times in between gaps of some games just to feel the nostalgia rush again, to be able to feel that rush again but with a fresh coat of paint, it’s (hopefully) going to be a really good feeling!

This will do for now, another announcement will be made if more news regarding this remaster gets released, because I am DEFINITELY keeping my eyes on this one!

See you all next time!


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